"Driver on time courteous and very helpful." -- J.

"The Driver came in good time and was very helpful. Thank you for making a good choice in employing this driver." -- V.

"On time and safe driver." -- B.

"Driver was welcoming and cautious." -- L. Williams

"Mahr was a good driver and very kind." -- A.

"When driver dropped me off at Mills Hospital, he was nice enough to take me inside to we’re I needed to go." -- C.

"Driver was on time. He was courteous and helpful. I hope I get him again in the future." -- A. M.

"Ben is always on time, he is very helpful and a courteous a driver. He is certainly an asset to your company." -- P.

$75 minimum for 6 hours of service per route for vans less than 9 passengers
$95 minimum for 6 hours of service for vans more than 10 passengers & less than 14 passengers

$30 per hour (minimum 6 hours) for attendants

Serra Medical Transportation Inc.
Address: 1299 Bayshore Highway, Suite #230
Burlingame, California
Phone: (650) 340-9999
Alternate Phone: (877) 774-7213
Fax: (650) 340-8999
E-mail: seramedicaltrans@aol.com


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Sunday: 24 Hours a Day

Payment Options:
All San Mateo County Voucher

Credit Card Options